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Welcome to the Medicinska Föreningen member portal!

As a registered student at Karolinska Institutet you can easily log in to the member portal to pay your membership fee, and see which semesters you have paid for and print receipts for your paid invoices.

You can now pay the membership now for the spring semester 2020!

Log in

Do you have a KI-account but can't log in to the member portal?

After your course has started and you have been registered for the current semester, KI will send your information to us. So a little while after your course has started, you should be able to log in!

If you want to pay already, you can create an invoice yourself here. Then you will be registered as a member in Medicinska Föreningen once we receive information about your course registration from Ladok!

Here you can find frequently asked questions about membership in Medicinska Föreningen

Are you waiting to be registered for doctoral studies?

If you are a doctoral student that have not yet been registered in Ladok you need to send us a certificate so that we can registered you as a member. You can become an intertriginous member for one semester at a time.

Read more here.

Are you an exchange student or doing part of your education at Karolinska Institutet?

If you are not registered in Ladok we will need a certificate of your studies at Karolinska Institutet in order to register you as a member. You can become a member for one semester at a time, and need to give us a new certificate for each semester.

Read more here.

Do you want to become a supporting member?

Supporting membership is a way of supporting Medicinska Föreningen and enables you to be a part of our societies and committees even though you are not a student at Karolinska Institutet. As a supporting member you can participate in the activities of Medicinska Föreningen, except the one aimed specifically at student members. The fee for supporting membership can be paid for one or two semesters at a time.

Become a supporting member here.

Read more about different types of membership here

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